Scarves: Timbers Army Reserve

The Story

I am a fan of the Portland Timbers, a USL division 1 soccer team based in
Portland, Oregon. Personally, I don't sit in the North End with the Timbers
Army. I find the wall of sound somewhat disorienting. And standing for that
long just bothers my knee. So, I don't know if I could ever really consider
myself part of the Timbers Army but I do appreciate what they do to support
the team and the community.

One day, while sitting out on the West End of PGE Park with the rest of the
more quiet/reserved fans, I found myself thinking: There guys need scarves.
Something that reflects the fact that we are Timbers fans, despite our more
reserved appearance and tendency to only get vocal or noticably demonstrative
when something big happens. Timbers Army Reserve! So, I made a scarf.

Traditionally, scarves have been distributed in person and at cost among
members or supporters of the Timbers Army. It's almost a right of
passage with the Timbers Army: Either getting involved with the fan
community and being in the right place at the right time to sponsor
a run of scarves, or tracking down a member of the TA who has and
buying a scarf from them. You know, actually working for it.
(This is mainly in reference
to the famous "NO PITY" scarf). Unfortunately, the fans I've been trying to
reach with these scarves don't tend to hang out in the same places at the
Timbers Army. Indeed, they don't really tend to gather ANYWHERE except the
ballpark and I gather it's a bit of a no-no to sell stuff there, even
at-cost fan scarves.

Some members of the Timbers Army have stepped up and supported me by
purchasing some of these scarves and I tryly do appreciate it. So far I
have managed to unload about 1/3 of the 150 minimum order from SportsScarf.

A few things I want to be clear on:

  • I am not making any profit off of this. If I have taken in more than my
    original cost once all of the scarves are unloaded, I will turn the extra
    over to the Timbers Army for their TIFO fund.

  • This is a FAN project. As far as I am concerned, I am a conduit
    through which multiple fans are pitching in to have these scarves
    created. You're not buying a scarf from me, you're simply buying into
    a fan collective fan project.

  • I have put my own money on the line to initiate this project. If
    there is unsufficient interest in these scarves, it is me who will
    eat the cost of the extras. If I seem a little pushy or desperate at
    times it's not because I'm trying to make a buck but because I'm trying
    at least limit the damages when this is all over.

Getting them

You Can't

Sorry, they're all gone. I might do another run next season, either of
this scarf or some other design, but these are all gone.